Monday, 28 May 2012

The Silver Bough launches... A Silver Bough

Silver Bough Pendant
Silver Bough Pendant

We are pleased to introduce our new Silver Bough pendant. Our namesake and trademark. The first Silver Bough we created from a branch I found and which I painstakingly coated slowly again and again with silver to build up a 'shell'. This of course means the piece is hollow and because the wood fires very hot involves much work to get it perfect. Unfortunately when you use this technique, although the ‘branch’ is preserved forever in its silver coat, it cannot be replicated. This first Silver Bough I wear as I should.

However the second Silver Bough was moulded from another branch and is solid fine silver. It is very beautiful. The ring at the back was added afterwards and again hand crafted in order to flow with the actual branch. This involved a great deal of work but was worth it. As with every pendant we design, we create each piece individually and it will be unique. These pieces are entirely hand crafted and finished by hand so there are no electric tools involved. This is a long, slow process requiring a great deal of patience. Thankfully we are patient (with our work at least).

Silver Bough
Silver Bough

The Silver Bough - History

The poets (fili) were part of the caste of the druid class (scholars, priests, judges, etc). These fili were closely in touch with the Otherworld. The chief symbol or regalia of their office was the musical bough which they carried in their possession.

The highest order of this class, the Ollamh, was entitled to a golden bough, the Anruth (second highest) a silver bough and finally the lower classes, a bronze bough. These branches were hung with bells which rang when they rode or entered a hall, disposing listeners to attend to their songs, stories and mystical revelations.

The most famous of the Anruth was the Welsh Taliesan. Although according to legend he was made the Chief Ollamh and head of the Council by his foster grandfather/father Gwynudd, he did not carry the golden bough but preferred the silver bough.

Thus through the symbolism of the Silver Bough, its attending cycles of song, poetry, story and mysticism, our company The Silver Bough adopted its name.

Silver Bough

For Writers, Poets, Musicians And Those Who Know And Love These Unique And Wonderful Souls

This symbol is perfect for poets, story tellers and musicians or simply those who love and appreciate Celtic/Welsh myths/history.

May you carry or wear a Silver Bough and for those of you who qualify (at least in your hearts, souls and minds) for the above and have the gift of a silver tongue, may you enrich this world.

Best luck, a good dose of Magik and maintain an ancient tradition.

The Silver Bough

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