Friday, 11 February 2011

Asgard and Dwarves

Odin assigned rulers in the beginning. He asked them to judge, along with him, people's fates and to oversee the stronghold of Asgard. This was done at Idavoll (Eternally Renewing Field) which was in the middle of  Asgard. The first task was to build a temple where their seats were placed - twelve in all in addition to Odin's (All-Father) throne. Inside and out all seemed to be made of gold. It is called Glasheim (Home of Joy). A second hall, a sanctuary which belongs to the goddesses was built. It is Vigolf (Friendly Quarter).
They set up forges making all manner of tools. There they worked stone, metal, wood and great amounts of gold. All household items were made of gold. This age is called 'The Golden Age' but it was spoiled by women who came from the Giant Land.
The gods took their places on thrones. Their judgements were issued here. They remembered where dwarves had come to life in the ground under the earth. They were like maggots in flesh. For the dwarves arrived first finding their life in Ymir's flesh. At this time they were maggots but the decision of the gods gave them human understanding and thus they assumed the likeness of men.
The first dwarves thus lived according to the Sibyl's Prophecy (The Sibyl's Prophecy - Prose Edda):
Then all the powerful gods went
to their thrones of fate,
the most sacred gods, and
decided among themselves
that a troop of dwarves
should be created
from the waves of blood
and from Blain's limbs.
There in men's likeness
were made many
dwarves in the earth
as Durin said.
These, says the seer Sibyl are:
Nyi, Nidi,
Nordri, Sudri,
Austri, Vestri,
Althjolf, Dvalin,
Nar, Nain,
Niping, Dain,
Bifur, Bafur,
Bombor, Nori,
Ori, Onar,
Oin, Modvitnir,
Vig and Gandalf,
Vindalf, Thorin,
Fili, Kili,
Fundin, Vali,
Thror, Thorin,
Thekk, Lit, Vitr,
Nyr, Nyrad,
Rekk, Radsvinn
These dwarves live in the rocks:
Draupnir, Dolgtvari,
Haur, Hugstari,
Heldjolf, Gloin,
Dori, Ori,
Duf, Andvari,
Har, Siar.
And these dwarves came to Svarin's mound to the Pebble Plains (Joruvellir) at the Mud Fields, (Aurvangar).
Lofar is a a descendant and these are their names:
Skirir, Virpir,
Skafinn, Ai,
Alf, Ingi,
Fal, Frosti,
Finn and Ginnar.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bifrost - The Rainbow Bridge

The path from the earth to the sky, the realm of Asgard. The bridge is Bifrost.
The gods (Aesir) built a bridge made up of the spectrum of colours. We call this a 'rainbow'. They say it has three colours (though the shades are many) and is made with more skill and knowledge than any other construction. As great as it is, it will be broken when the sons of Muspell (Chaos and ruled by Surt) ride over it in the end at Ragnarok. At this time the sons of Muspell's horses will will swim across great rivers and advance.
The gods deserve no blame for the fate of this construction. Bifrost is a sturdy and sound bridge, but nothing in this world will be trusted when the sons of Muspell attack led by Loki at Ragnarok.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mani & Sol - The Sun & The Moon

A man named Mundiflfari had two children. So fair that he called one 'Moon' (Mani) and the daugher 'Sun' (Sol). He married Sol to a man called 'Glen'.

The gods were angered by his arrogance and they stole the brother and sister and placed them in the Heavens. Herefore they were called the 'Sun' and the 'Moon'.
Sun was made to drive a chariot which the gods ordered to illuminate the world, created from burning embers from Muspellsheim. The horses are Arvak and Alsvinn. In order to cool them, the gods put two bellows under their shoulders.
Mani guides the path of our Moon, and took two children from earth, Bil and Hjuki. They were walking from the well Byrgir . These children follow Mani. They carry between them the pole, Simul with the pail, Soerg.
The wolves, Skoll and Hasti Hrodvitnisson chase the Sun (and Moon). Hati runs in front of the sun trying to catch the Moon.
The most powerful kin of these wolves, Managarm (Moon Dog) will gorge himself with the life of all who die. He spatters blood throughout the Sky and Heavens. The effect is that the Sun will lose its brightness while the wind turns violent. The old ogress Jarnvidjur (Iron Wood) has born these sons.
In the East the old one lives
in Iron Wood
and there she bears
Fenrir's brood (the wolves) Angrboda
From all of them comes
one in particular,
the ruin of the moon
in the shape of a troll.
He gorges himself on the life
of doomed men,
reddens the gods' dwelling
with crimson gore.
Dark goes the sunshine,
for summers after,
the weather all vicious.
Do you know now, or what?
The Sibyl's Prophecy
It is interesting to consider this with this day and age's events.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Asgard, All-Father and Night and Day

There is an enigma here. It seems there were no people who populated the earth but still the Aesir walked. There are often discrepancies in The Prose Edda on this subject.
The sons of Bor (Odin or Odin's father) walked along the seashore and found two trees. From these logs they created two people.
The first son gave them breath and life, the second: intelligence and movement; the third: speech, hearing and sight. Bor's sons gave them clothing and names. From these three entities were produced (this is vague as how?) Man: Ask (Ash Tree - as in Yggdrasil) and Woman Embla (Elm or Vine). From these two creations came Mankind, given a home near Midgard's wall.
They made a stronghold for themselves which is Asgard in the middle of the world. Many events took place here, on the Earth and in the Sky.
Odin sat in his high seat where he could see through all worlds and into everything 'man' did. He understood everything he saw from Hlidskjalf (Watchtower).
Odin's wife is Frigg and from this family come the kin we call Aesir.
Each family was divine. For this reason he is called 'All Father'. From Earth: his daughter and wife, he has his first son, Asa-Thor (or Thor). Thor is all powerful and defeats all living creatures. 

Night and Day

Norfi or Narfi lived in Giant Land. His daughter is Night. She marries first to Naglfari. Their son is Aud (wealth). Then she marries to Annar (Second): their daughter is Earth.
Night was finally married to Delling and their son is Day. He was bright and beautiful as all the Aesir are.
All Father gave Night and Day two horses and two chariots, placing them in the sky to ride around the eartth every 24 hours. His horse Hrimfaxi (Frost Mane) sprinkles the earth with dew. Day's horse, Skinfaxi (Shining Mane) lights up the sky and earth.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


The Ash Yggdrasil
Yggdrasil is the World Tree. This is a concept repeated in most religions, past and current. The Tree of Life.
In Norse mythology Yggdrasil is the central or holy place of the gods, the place where they hold their courts each day.
Its branches spread across the world and it stands over the sky. Three roots support the tree and are spread far apart: one is among the Aesir, the second among the frost giants where Ginnungagap was once (the void before creation). The third reaches down to the netherworld of Niflheim where the well of Hvergelmir springs but the serpent, Nidhogg (Hateful Striker) gnaws its roots.
Under the root of the Frost Giants is the Well of Mimir the wise. He is the owner and drinks of the waters of Gjallarhorn. Odin went there to ask for one drink from this well and as a pledge he gave one of his eyes.
The third root of Yggdrasil is in heaven and under this is the holy well of Urd. Here the gods have their place of judgement.
Within the branches of Yg an eagle sits who has knowledge of many things. Between his eyes is the Hawk called Vedrfolnir (Wind Bleached). The squirrel Ratatosk (Drill Tooth) runs up and down Yg and tells slanderous gossip provoking both the eagle and Nidhogg. The four staggs move about in the branches of Yg devouring the leaves. From above the stag eats and from below the serpents gnaw.
Norns (the Fates) live beside Urd's Well and every day they draw water and splash this with mud over the ash so it will not whither and decay.
I know an ash,
it is called Yggdrasil,
a high, holy tree,
splashed and coated with white clay.
From it come the dews
that fall in the valleys.
It will always stand green over Urd's Well
The Sibyl's Prophecy
The dew is called honeydew and bees feed on it. Two birds nourish themselves in Urd, these are the swans we know now.
The existence of the World Ash supports all nine worlds. It is the pillar of existence. Each tree that stands is a tribute to the cycles of seasons.
It is symbolically the pillar of our existence and life as a whole.