Thursday, 25 August 2011

International Musings

It is so rewarding to conceive that since our beginnings in 2010 we have become internationally respected designers. Our rune pendants and carved stone runesets have found homes as far as Mauritius, Canada, the U.S., England and Shetland (Scotland). The feedback we have received from our customers has been phenomenal. The talented and illustrious internationally acclaimed author, Joanne Harris (author of Runemarks, Runelight, Chocolat – amongst other amazing books) endorses us and has included us as Runemakers to provide rune pendants in an international competition for her soon to be released novel Runelight (sequel to Runemarks).

We cannot thank our customers and friends enough for their support and comments/suggestions.

Initially we provided velour velvet bags for the runesets, however after the suggestion of a customer that perhaps more natural eco-friendly bags would be more complementary, we have recently changed our bags to wonderful, quality, natural jute bags. This seems to have gone over very well. We also include parchment inserts with the runesets which explain the history of the various systems, definitions of the runes’ meanings, an idea of  how runes can be cast, along with a prologue from ‘Odin’, ‘Sayings of the High One’ (Poetic Edda) which describes the secrets of runes and his knowledge of spells.

As always, our runic pendants are supplied with sterling silver findings and an adjustable leather cord, presented in a beautiful velvet box along with a small parchment insert describing the rune according to the rune system ordered (Elder/Younger Futhark).

On our site we have examples of individual original designs (Jormangund – World Serpent, Double Spiral Celtic Ring and Yggdrasil handmade cards). Although we do not list these in our shop, queries and quotes are available upon request. The Yggdrasil cards have already been commissioned and we hope that these cards, along with a ‘Glastonbury Thorn’ design will be listed on our site very soon. We also will be introducing a large selection of original photo cards. We are constantly experimenting and evolving new products and designs including ‘charm’ bracelets which again we hope to be listing very soon. We also hope to be working soon in bronze and have a beautiful ‘reproduction’ of a Viking grave artefact, Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) which we hope we can ‘cast’ soon. Of course we always welcome commissions and custom designs.

Although our rune designs are simple, they convey a tactile pendant/stone rune and are historically accurate. As each item we make is completely hand crafted, each design will vary and be a unique piece that only you will own. No one will have a piece that is identical to yours.

We are thrilled that our designs have touched people across the globe. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality, both in creating our designs and in our presentation which of course is included in the price.

We must say we were particularly pleased when we received an order from Shetland. These remote and ancient islands are strongly associated with the Norse and to have one of our pendants find a home there has made us very proud indeed!

Believe us when we say that what we create is not just something that we sell, it is something that we put our hearts and souls into and every time we post anything we offer, a bit of us goes with it.