Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winners - Runelight Competition Winner for November and New Designs

The Silver Bough are thrilled with the rune pendant ‘Aesk’ (Maddy’s rune from Runemarks and Runelight) which we created for competition winner Ellie. We were very pleased as when we posted the pendant to Joanne Harris she too loved it. Congratulations Ellie on a wonderful video!

The Silver Bough has officially added new designs to our shop: A bas relief large oval pendant (the same size as our large rune pendants) based on a stylised ancient Norse ‘dragon’ (a similar authentic design can be seen at the British Museum) and runic earrings (which are quite light and will not pull on the ear lobe). Although we love the more ‘antique’ oxidised finish of both the dragon pendant and the earrings, we will offer these in either an oxidised finish or a polished finish depending on our customers’ preference. The dragon pendant will have the actual bas relief dragon polished if desired.

In the case of the earrings if the oxidised finish is preferred we can also oxidise the earring wires (pierced) and will be soon offering the option for non pierced ears. As with our rune pendants, the choice of runes is dependent on our customers. If a customer prefers two different runes, that is also possible.

We will soon be working in bronze and copper – very beautiful metals and the cost will be lower than with 99.9% silver although we will always adhere to our top standards of hand craftsmanship and hand finishing.

We have completed and posted our first pendant to Australia. This has brought us around the world. Our sales have been UK based, North American based, Mauritian based and now Australian based. We are proud that each order has been loved by the people who have bought them.

The Silver Bough has also added to Joanne’s interpretations of ‘The old Script’ rune (which Joanne has drawn on from ancient Norse and Old English sources) from Runemarks and Runelight, along with her interpretation of ‘New Script’ runes. Readers of Joanne’s books now can have the rune pendants which coincide with her books. We happily await further sequels (and a prequel).

Of course I am so honoured and proud to be acknowledged in Runelight. Thank you Joanne! A very special book to me as she knows..And the characters are friends to me.

Our original photograph cards will soon be available and more will follow. Although these are not necessarily related to Norse or Celtic history/mythology (some of ancient sites are of course and some have that certain ‘flavour’) all photographs are beautiful. The cards are top quality and provided with an envelope and in a plastic sleeve to protect them.

If handmade rune cards (aside from our Yggdragsil cards) are desired these can be created as an individual rune or as a ‘Sigil’ which is a combination of runes. Any subject is explained on the back of the card.

We hope soon to be working in glass as I studied stained glass and we plan to launch votive lights (free standing and hanging), ‘sun catchers’ and sun catching mobiles in various themes.

The year is winding down. We will soon have ‘Christmas’ posting guidelines on our site.

All of our best.