Friday, 13 January 2012

Eleanor Ford - November Winner of Joanne Harris' Runelight Competition

The Silver Bough wanted to write a Blog Interview/Article profiling the winners of Joanne Harris’ competition for her recently launched book Runelight.

The first and November winner of this competition is Eleanor Ford who created a video for the Runelight Competition, second in the series following the very popular, much loved and evocative Runemarks.

Thank you Eleanor for emailing us with your profile.

We hope we hear from the December winner (Kaitlin) and January winner (Anna) in order to also include them in our Blog articles.

All three videos submitted are wonderful and all very different. The time, skill and thought which accompany these videos are truly amazing and show a great deal of love, inspiration and hard work.


Eleanor chose ‘Aesk’ (Maddy’s rune from Runemarks) as the rune appearing on her silver pendant. This was the first ‘Aesk’ that The Silver Bough created so very special indeed.

Eleanor is 28 years old and lives in Shropshire (West Midlands in England) where she grew up. In her spare time she loves to read, reading almost 150 books last year! She has been reading since she can remember.

Eleanor: My favourite books always had a mystical twist to them somewhere, but somehow I ended up reading horror fiction as I got into my teens, at the time Stephen King was my favourite author. As I got older I started to like science fiction and fantasy novels more and more but the market for older readers always seemed to be aimed at men. I’d read the Harry Potter books a few years earlier, but hadn’t ventured into books for children or young adults since then, somehow I stumbled into reading Anthony Trollope! In early 2007 one of my friends got me back into reading fantasy fiction by suggesting that I would love to read the Eragon by Christopher Paolini, since then I’ve never looked back! Most of the books I’ve read since have been young adult science fiction/fantasy novels.

Eleanor: As it was over 4 years ago I don’t clearly remember how I discovered Runemarks, I do remember that I bought the book soon after it came out (and I also managed to win myself a signed copy through signing up for the newsletter on the official website!) It was the first fiction I’d read that was based on Norse mythology, in fact I can’t remember reading anything based on it since then either! Runemarks captured my imagination and I was fascinated by the Gods and the meanings of the runes, which is why when the video competition for Runelight was announced I was very excited to produce something to enter. The subject of the books is very inspiring and I found it very easy to produce the artwork I made for the video just from reading descriptions of the Gods.

Eleanor states that she has not yet read her copy of Runelight, but emphasises that this will be rectified soon.

Eleanor: I’m sure it will be as thrilling and fantastic as Runemarks is!

The Silver Bough: Eleanor, we assure you it is!

Eleanor we hope you will continue loving the books. We all look forward to the next in the series - be it a sequel or a prequel and of course thank Joanne for bringing the 'Gods' to life with her own touches. Long may the saga continue!

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